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CKEC was formed with the intention of assembling an experienced staff for the purpose of providing quality engineering, materials testing, quality control inspection and contract administration services to the communities of Kansas. With offices in Emporia and Manhattan, we provide coverageto most of Kansas as well as clientele in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.
CKEC was created in order to provide an engineering alternative capable of competing with metropolitan based engineering firms. Locality was imprtant based on the fact that our staff members have long-term ties to communities of Kansas. Our firm also provides the highest level of customer service to every job.

Project Approach Our primary philosophies at CKEC are an engineering firm must provide services in a timely manner and retain a knowleddgable support staff.


In order to approach each project with the foresight to gain experience in the construction industry while attending formal training in the capacity at which they are presently employed. By employing these persons, our management has placed extreme emphasis on assembling a staff capable of providing a solid foundation for the success of your projects.